Introduction - Congratulations!


You have embarked on an adventure that could change your life. This is a very rewarding and exciting career.

Prepare to be skeptical and nervous. This is very normal, and after Lesson Three you will feel better about your ability to groom. Don’t hesitate to get started.


  • Email a picture of yourself with your dog to: [email protected] this is where you will send your homework as well. The seven pictures of each dog. (Only if you want the certificate.)
  • It is imperative that you sign the application and the enrollment contract and send this back to me.
  • Learn about tools and grooming in the first modules.

The videos are informative, they are not meant to be the only learning tool.

TIP: Re-read this course many times. Your interaction with the course is reviewed, you will see new things each time you go over it. It helps improve your overall grade. Download and printout the Quick Review and the Color Chart.

It is your finished product and your hands-on work that produces 80% of your grades, so let us know if you are not understanding any part of the modules. Your teacher is available, text email or call. 803-920-5629

Enjoy this course and have fun learning to groom.

Hundreds before you have loved this school, and I have heard over and over that my students are satisfied they took this course. Going to work for other groomers and seeing other grooming methods makes them proud that they learned the National Standard and the correct way to groom dogs.

Happy Scissoring,

Kathy Sanders