Sub Module A - Procedure to Groom and Three ways to burn a dog

First and Most Important

If you are consistent with the procedure in which you groom a dog you will be a faster and more efficient groomer. Always groom in the same order, grooming will become fluent to you more quickly. Memorize this procedure.

Prepping (Before Bath) Finishing (After Bath)

1.Short Blade

1.Blow Dry

2.Long Blade

2.Go back over body blade

3.Toe Nails / Ears


4.Brush Out

4.Bows / Polish / Bandana


You can prevent burning a dog by memorizing these three things. The most common ways you could burn a dog are:

1. Shaving against the grain with a short blade like a 10, 15, 30, or 40. After you are experienced this can be done carefully. (It is okay to shave against the grain on poodle feet.)

2. Shaving over and over in one spot too many times with a short blade, like a 15 or shorter.

3. Using a hot blade.

You should never burn a dog. You should always shave with the grain while you are a beginner. Shaving against the grain with the 10 or 15 on the face is smoother and cleaner. Competition groomers use this method. As a beginner, I would not use this method.

The face, feet, belly, and tail burn the easiest. (The short blade places.)

You can also brush burn a dog by brushing in one spot too long with the heat of the dryer blowing on it.

Get in the habit right away to check your blade on your forearm often to see if your blade is too hot.