Where to Get Dogs To Groom


1. Run ads and post on social media. You can also request certain breeds.

SAMPLE: Donations only, I am trying to certify with a dog grooming school. May I groom your dog?

Call for details 999-9999. Pick-up and delivery available. (Extremely matted dogs and biters excluded).

2. Go to the SPCA or any of the rescue centers. This option will give you a lot of Teddy Bear Cuts and Strips. Beginners sometimes get discouraged by this option; some are extremely wiggly and matted.

3. Visit your local veterinarians. Perhaps they would be willing to work with you and pass your information on to clients.

4. If your county or city will permit it, have a small 12 x 18-inch yard sign made. Most counties will accept this if your offer is for free or donations only while you're in school. Make sure your customers and family know, free is for a limited time.

When you start charging and after you graduate, you will have to go to the county for a license. Some counties/subdivisions will not except home-based businesses. This is all covered in the Business Course we offer.

Zoning may give you a problem. Your argument is that you are not to be zoned the same as a vet. You will not have over-night dogs like a vet. Subdivision HOA may be an issue: You are not a business you are going through school. You will only have 2 dogs at a time and you will only have one client at a time for a couple months.

We recommend that you do not ask grooming shops for assistance, unless you are going to go to work for them. Groomers all have their own method of grooming. If you try to combine your school homework with someone else’s format, you might get confused. However, diversity is good, so just be careful. Make sure you are being taught National Standards. If you are learning from any other source, just make sure you are watching National Certified groomers. NDGAA

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