How to Set up Your Station for This Grooming Course


If you cannot buy a grooming table right away then:

  • You can put the dogs on top of your washing machine
  • You can use your bathroom counter
  • You can build a table 37” high, which is about average for a 5’3” person. The standard is 1” below the belly button. You want to stand straight and never groom with your elbow higher than your shoulder. This helps eliminate possible carpal tunnel and future neck pain.
  • Some students have put thick newspapers on their kitchen table, coffee table, etc.
  • To get through school you do not need to set your home up for full-time grooming. You only have to groom 20 or more dogs.

Picture This

  • The items you must have, is underlined.
  • The things you can buy later are in italic.

You have a grooming table, an arm that holds the noose that holds the dog on the table.

A dryer that dries the dog. Clippers to cut the hair, blades to fit the clippers, A coolant spray to lube the blades. Brushes to brush the hair, comb to make sure the mats are out. Hemostats to clean the ears, toe nail cutters and Dremel, and Quick Stop to stop the bleeding in case of a toenail cut to short. Oops! File to smooth the nails, cotton balls to clean the ears. A flat screwdriver for blade maintenance, Snap-on Combs for cheating (LOL) and polish to paint the toes. Ribbon for bows and muzzles for the nose just in case. Scissors for cutting and thinning shears for thinning. Smock for wearing and shampoo for dogs. Cage to hold the dog and a leash.

Now all these things can be simple and added on to later. You do not have to start with all of it. You can improvise. ☺


When you finish the dog, send in your homework. It is important to receive feedback. Don’t store up on your homework and don't try to get better before handing in homework, send your first dog. Don't be shy!

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